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TrueProxy offers free services to make the internet a safer place by making sure privacy sensitive information is not shared with unauthorized parties. Click on the button below to learn more.

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Privacy Link Generator

The Privacy Link Generator creates a link that acts like a forwarder and removes the referrer information which a browser normally sends to the 'Go to' website. This way the webmaster of the 'Go to' website is not able to trace back where the visitor came from.

After filling in the 'Go to' website above you can copy the TrueProxy link below. For the tech-savvy there is also a JSON API which gives you meta data from the website without polling it yourself .


How does it work

When following a link from one website to another, information of the first website will be automatically send to the second (HTTP referer). TrueProxy believes this information should stay private and should never be available to anyone but the user him- or herself. To achieve this, TrueProxy offers a service that removes the referer information, so that internet users can safely follow a link, without being tracked by the 'Go to' website.


In this example, we will be talking about a hypothetical person named John. He just read a couple of forum threats and found an interesting link ( He decides to take a look and clicks on the link. At the moment John clicks on the link to the link he came from (the specific forum thread) is also send to This gives the moderators and administrators of the ability to see from which website John came from. This kind of information can, and is, also collected by companies like Google (through their service named Google Analytics).

If the forum is about cars, this might not give most people pause. But what if the forum is for people with a certain medical condition or for victims of sexual abuse? TrueProxy strongly believes nor Google nor anyone else should need to know that John came from such a website. Especially when the possibility exists that this information could be sold to third parties.

TrueProxy's goal is to keep private information private: It removes information of the previous website (the website of origin) before the user visits the new website.

Anti-malware protection

Beside hiding the origin of a visitor TrueProxy will also check if the new website (the 'Go to link') is publicly known for distributing malware (malicious software used to gain access to a private computer system, to display unwanted advertising, etc). If that is the case, TrueProxy will automatically stop the redirect to the new website and will warn the visitor. The visitor can then make the choice to proceed to the website or move away safely.

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Questions and answers:

Is it free? Yes. Although I do appreciate a bitcoin donation to keep this service up and running.
Will the information be sold or shared with others? Most definitely not! It is morally and ethically unjustifiable.

Obfuscation Email Service

The Obfuscation Email Service will create a fictional email address that forwards all the emails it receives to your personal email address. That way you won't have to give up your "real" email address. Fill in your email address in the field below to activate the service.

About Me

Ronald M.

Ronald vd Meer
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TrueProxy is created by Ronald van der Meer, expert in cybersecurity and privacy: For over a decade I have been working as a cybersecurity expert. I have used the experience gained in this field to create the services TrueProxy offers. I set out to create TrueProxy, because my work and the news shows me/us almost daily that online privacy is not a given. In my opinion it should be.

The use of these services are free of charge.
If you would like to support this service, please consider a bitcoin donation (however small is appreciated).

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